This is the Hydralisk from Academy from the PC game StarCraft.  A very simple build, the kit is soft vinyl with a few styrene parts acting as a structural skeleton allowing limited movement at all of the joints.  I built this kit as a quick weekend distraction from my Robin's Ride project.  If you look carefully you will see that I didn't even try to remove the seam lines...the very soft vinyl made the proposition of cleaning up the seams difficult, and I was just looking for a quick diversion.  As a result, this was simply used as a painting exercise for the airbrush.
The main body was painted entirely with a single-action airbrush...I wanted to see how fine a line I could manage.  Many of the brown stripes on the tail are no more than 1/16" wide.  As with all vinyl kits, the paint used here was acrylic base from Model Master and Tamiya.
The muscle tissue above the ribcage was painted with Tamiya gloss red with washes of red dulled with black and drybrushing of red lightened with white.  The result is wet blood red/brown look like raw meat...very appropriate for a creature like this.  Dark grey washes were also used on the light underbelly and the claws with some silver drybrushing on the inside edges of the claws.
A simple satisfying build, the kit results in a very nice rendition that stands only about 4" tall...about the same size as, or smaller than, the images on your monitor.